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Coin grading is the process of determining the grade or condition of a coin, one of the key factors in determining its value.It helps to know an experienced dealer, who may be able to offer their opinion on whether the coins are worth sending in for grading.Ma Tak Wo has been a major player in the Asian numismatic scene for more than three decades, first as an avid collector of Chinese coins (including Hong Kong and Macau) and paper money, and then as one of the principals of the Taisei group of companies, which organized the highly successful Hong Kong and Singapore coin shows and auctions.Westminster Mint only recommends coins certified by the top 4 third party coin grading services.David Hall arguably understands collectibles markets and how they work better than anyone in the world.She has owned two of the five known specimens of the legendary 1913 Liberty nickel.

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Ron has authored a book on silver dollars and many articles, and has contributed to numerous auction catalogues, including at least four American Numismatic Association auction catalogues.The perfect grade is MS-70 or Proof-70 and in many cases, they are not easy to come by.

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Harry provides Auction Advocate services for clients wishing to buy or sell at auction, as well as consulting with the auction houses themselves.Coins that have been assigned a grade and authenticated by a major grading service may be referred to as certified or graded coins.

Most coin collectors want to be able to look at their coins in order to determine at least an approximate grade -- which will then yield important information about.After graduating from the University of Mississippi with a degree in chemistry, John went back into the coin business, becoming a full-time dealer in 1973.During his busy career, Ma has managed to find time to publish numerous articles in numismatic journals and author or edit the following numismatic titles which have become standard references in their respective fields including.He sold that company in 2002 and became a full time dealer and the owner of Premium Numismatics.His father ran trade paper ads in the 1950s as V.J. Dannreuther and Sons.

Laura and Legend Numismatics have helped build some of the finest sets of U.S. coins in existence.To be sure, high-grade graded examples of coins with a lackluster performance in raw form, such as the 2012 and 2013 special American silver eagle two-coin sets, are much more desirable than raw sets.In 1986, John was one of the co-founders of Professional Coin Grading Service.

Up until 1986, when he joined PCGS as the first grader hired, he was a coin buyer and cataloguer for several major numismatic firms, examining, purchasing, or cataloging virtually all major U.S. collections during that period.Specialties: Colonial, Pre-1840 Copper, Silver and Gold Issues, U.S. Rarities, Gem Type Coins.John Love is still active today, buying and selling high quality Morgan and Peace at a time, or in huge quantites.Just answered a very similar question here: What is the best way to sell a modern U.S coin collection.

Before you get your coins appraised, here are 5 tips for appraising coins that you must see first.He became well-known for finding pricing niches in the coin market and being able to capitalize on them.He was one of the three distributors of the incredible 484,000 coin LaVere Redfield dollar hoard in the 1970s.Specialties: Top quality U.S. type coins, gold, silver dollars, commemoratives, and early 20th century coins.After graduating from Notre Dame, obtaining a Masters degree in mathematics from Oregon State, and serving as a U.S. Army combat artillery officer in Viet Nam, David became a full time coin dealer in 1971.In 1983, Ron collaborated with Walter Breen in writing and publishing the standard reference book for California Fraction Gold.Specialties: Ching Dynasty Provincial Coins, Republic of China Gold and Silver Coins and Sycees.

McHenry coin, and I am sure the owner is very pleased as it would likely be worth thousands esp. being the first one to be graded 70.Dave is a long time friend of PCGS and he graciously allowed us to post his written research and comments on specificcoins from his many books.Find great deals on eBay for graded coins and pcgs graded coins.At only seventeen years of age, he started his own company, Kevin Lipton Rare Coins, and was one of the major players in the rare coin market, handling some of the rarest U.S. coins and being involved of many of the largest deals of the era.Jean lives in the Southern part of France in a property surrounded by olive trees and basins with carps koi.Kevin is obviously one of the most qualified persons in the world to offer guidance on the pricing of these ultra rare coins.At only 16 years old, he was the full-time numismatic buyer for Steve Ivy Rare Coins of Dallas (the firm that became Heritage).

While at Premium Numismatics he specialized in pre-1840 U.S. coins. Don joined PCGS as President in October of 2008.Specialties: Chinese circulating coins, including all varieties and highest grades.Articles from ROBERT L TAYLOR, JD - How to Get Your Coins Professionally Certified and Graded By Robert L Taylor, JD As we have already learned, grading a coin.And John has handled many of the finest known examples of all of the important dates in the Morgan and Peace dollar series.

Some of the fake Chinese coins are made with our actual coin presses that the US mint used for Morgans.Our goal was for coins graded by N.C.I. to be considered consistently graded enough to trade sight-unseen by dealers.The quality of these coins has improved in the last couple years, which further increases the likelihood of more high grade examples surfacing later.

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Scott has built one of the largest personal libraries of numismatic auction catalogues in the country.I know there are many sites like PCGS, NGC but how much does it cost per coin.

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