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Chinese Investors to Trade Bitcoin Over-The-Counter Via Telegram.The price could be affected if something bad were to happen to the protocol that underlies it.We take a look at its valuation relative to other currencies, gold, stocks and rich folk.June 13, 2017, 06:25:00 PM EDT By Tracey Ryniec, Zacks.com. Shutterstock photo.

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Economist Robert Shiller explains how bitcoin resembles

When things are scarce and people want those things, their value will ultimately rise.The analyst Nathan Martin gives four simple reasons why the recent jumps in Bitcoin are not a bubble signal.

With that said, this does not mean Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed.The Bitcoin exchange rate has been rising impressively recently.The Bitcoin Bubble Is Beginning to Burst on Wall Street Following its SEC halt, First Bitcoin Capital Corp. sheds 80% of its value in two days.As Bitcoin gains in popularity, the price has been skyrocketing.

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I have read many articles lately claiming that Bitcoin is in a bubble.Nathan Martin from the Economic...But the recent price surge, driven by Chinese investors stashing money offshore, looks like a classic bubble.The supply of Bitcoin, unlike all other items of value like gold or currency, is strictly limited.

Its value and potential dwarfs any fintech idea heretofore imagined, and the blockchain communities are just getting started.Previous IG Bringing Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether CFD Trading to the Mainstream.For anyone unfamiliar with what a bubble is, investopedia refers to it as an asset driven by unwarranted, but exuberant, market behavior.

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Expert: Seven Reasons Why Chinese Regulators Shut Down Bitcoin Exchanges.

You should consult with an attorney or other professional to.They make these claims, but do not seem to understand how bitcoin works.

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So, if you like trading and price fluctuations are your thing, why worry about potential.Thus, when economics and the network effect intermingle, you have a recipe for explosive growth within an asset.So says OfTwoMinds.com financial blogger Charles Hugh Smith in a post.

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Coincheck Becomes the First Licensed Japanese Bitcoin Exchange.

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Apparently, my analysis on Bitcoin is making some waves in the Bitcoin community.

From the man who called the US financial crash, the real estate crash, the European sovereign debt debacle and the fall of Apple born from the rise of.Her comparisons — and all comparisons mentioned — are erroneous, though.

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Point being: if people want to call bitcoin a bubble, they ought to explain why exactly it is, instead of incompetently comparing it to past bubbles that do not share any characteristics with bitcoin other than a big price tag.