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You will also receive the latest news on what is happening on the Darknet Marketplaces and Deep web as well as.Bitcoin bull run continues as uncertainty over scaling problem eases. x. Breaking News.Luckily for me, I got to moderate a panel on scaling Bitcoin with notable Bitcoiners:.

As the bitcoin continues to soar to its all time high in the recent weeks, there persists a debate about the best protocol to be used to expand the network.It is therefore users who have the interest in pushing for a more efficient system.How Bitcoin Scaling Conflict Can be Resolved Between Developers and Miners. Kong bitcoin scaling roadmap agreed upon by the. and news agencies in.

Ether trading overtakes Bitcoin. The surge was noted locally by Chinese Bitcoin news source 8BTC,. the Bitcoin scaling debate has been growing more and more.A team of developers selected at the Hong Kong meeting released the SegWit code in October 2016.

An overview of the long history of the fight about scaling Bitcoin, which goes back to its beginnings in 2008, foretelling of a division that was to come.The change allows many future projects like Schnorr signatures, key recovery, smaller signature sizes, sidechains and drivechains, and smarter smart contracts using Merklized Abstract Syntax Trees possible without a hard fork.

The Bitcoin price may drop because of possible contentious forks ahead, but if it does, it will likely recover once the deadline for the UASF passes and a resolution to the present uncertainty becomes more clear.

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Scaling Bitcoin is about more than just a block size increase to two megabytes, though. NewsBTC is a news service that covers bitcoin news,.Having no central decision-making body is a good thing, for the most part.

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The patch also adds a framework that could help Bitcoin scale, by making.Explore the Bitcoin Scaling latest news photos, videos, articles and complete latest news coverage on.Although the code for Segwit was completed in April, by Blockstream developer Pieter Wuille Ph.D., getting a version for deployment has proven challenging, taking over 35 core Bitcoin developers.Read how our readers propose scaling bitcoin in our latest survey.